How Sleazy is Leander Kahney?

The headline of his Cult of Mac post (no link – you can find it easily) is, “Did Feud With Jony Ive Keep Tony Fadell From Returning To Apple?”

That’s a serious question. Would something as simple and perhaps petty as an interdepartmental feud keep Apple from taking advantage of all that Fadell offers? Possibly.

Kahney then goes on for ten paragraphs enumerating all the ways in which he believes Ive got Fadell and others fired. It’s not until halfway through the article that he says:

I’m inclined to take Fadell’s explanation of the Google aquisition at face value.


I have no problem believing Ive didn’t get along with any number of people. I have no problem believing that Fadell wouldn’t have sold to Apple over some (petty or not) disagreement with Ive. But Kahney tries to have his cake and stuff it in his pie hole too, arguing both sides of the story.

That’s typical Cult of Mac level sleaze.


What do you think?

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