Hate flying? Over 6 feet tall? You’re going to hate it more.

The New York Times has an article, “On Jammed Jets, Sardines Turn on One Another”, about how airlines are changing the seat configuration on planes in order to jam ever more passengers in their Shiny Metal Tubes of Death.
They say, “Over the last two decades, the space between seats — hardly roomy before — has fallen about 10 percent, from 34 inches to somewhere between 30 and 32 inches. Today, some airlines are pushing it even further, leaving only a knee-crunching 28 inches.”

It’s even worse on Spirit Airlines. They have seats on some flights that are “pre-reclined” – an utterly ridiculous term. A Spirit Airline spokesperson is quoted, piling on ever more bullshit, as saying, “Customers appreciate the fact that there is no longer interference from the seat in front of you moving up and down throughout the flight.”

I’d appreciate it more if I had enough legroom and the guy in front of me didn’t have his head in my lap.

The problem is multifold – passengers demand the lowest prices possible so airlines need to find ways to get more people on individual planes. Travellers are also getting bigger.

My solution? I simply don’t let the person in front of me recline his seat. It’s not a perfect solution but I’m more than happy to endure dirty looks from the guy in front of me. I also don’t recline my seat into the airspace of the person behind me.


What do you think?

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