In Defense of Black Friday Shoppers

In Defense of Black Friday Shoppers

It upsets me when people pass around Walmart videos and make sneering jokes about Black Friday shoppers.

Because what they’re really saying is that they’re superior to “those” people. You know, the poors. The “stupid” people who line up the night before to get in the door and get those $20 DVD players (or whatever the hot present is this year.) Yes, it’s about materialism and consumerism on steroids, and of course it’s not a good thing.

So if you’re a low-education person who scrapes by on poverty wages, surrounded by people who expect you to perform Christmas miracles and you worry you’re a bad parent/spouse/sibling/child if you don’t, you might feel compelled to stand in line all night to get that $20 DVD player, or $60 off that Playstation your kid wants.

It’s an interesting viewpoint. I think it depends on why people are lined up for these sales but I get the idea of, if you’re poor, this might be the only opportunity you’d have for these products.

Like a lot of things, it’s not so cut and dried as “stupid people lining up to buy crap”.


What do you think?

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