World’s Ten Safest Countries to Visit

Divine Caroline:

Do nightmares of instability or violent political upheaval keep you awake at night? Do you shutter at the thought of having your wallet brutally taken from you in a seemingly quiet train station? Do you yearn to travel, but fret over the possibility of a military invasion by a hostile neighbor, or a horrific terrorist attack running your well-laid plans?

Well fear not, worrywarts. Jittery travelers can use good old fashioned statistical analysis to determine the likelihood of such unpleasant occurrences taking place while abroad. Uneasy travelers can mitigate risk by consulting the Global Peace Index prior to choosing their next destination and select a country that can arguably be called one of the ten safest places on Earth to visit.

Spoiler Alert: The majority of you are citizens of a country NOT on this list. I, on the other hand, am a proud citizen of #8 (*#8*!? WTF? How the hell did those other countries beat us!?). 🙂


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