The 10 Best Aaron Sorkin Rants

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I love a good rant, whether my own or a TV/movie one. And there’s no doubt that when Aaron Sorkin’s characters rant, they can be very, very good. Buzzfeed has collected ten of his best. Here are my two faves from their list. First is The West Wing’s President Bartlett and his surgical dissection of a right wing talk show host. But his last line is the cherry on the top:

Next is another West Wing Bartlett rant and one I wholeheartedly agreed with. If you know the show, you fell in love with the character Bartlett is defending and hated the way she left the show. To have Bartlett calling God a “feckless thug” was amazing:

These rants show why so many of us are so disappointed in the first two episodes of Sorkin’s new show, The Newsroom. It’s because we know how much better he can be.

The 10 Best Aaron Sorkin Rants


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