“Unbelievably insane tightrope walker” – Bullshit

Why is the media treating this as if it were some kind of death defying feat? I understand ABC whoring themselves before the Altar of Hyperbole but there’s no excuse for the rest of the media to join in on fellating the story.

Yes, he walked 1,800 feet. Yes, he was on a two-inch-wide wire suspended 200 feet above the water. Yes, it took him 25 minutes.


Doesn’t that negate any of the “death defying” aspect of the stunt? There was little to no actual danger involved. There was 0.0001% of him dying or even getting hurt. He tightroped across the water IN THE SAFEST MANNER POSSIBLE…

While I admire the ability to walk 1,800 feet across a two inch wire, I refuse to give in to the hype and believe he did anything really “daring”.

“Unbelievably insane tightrope walker” – Bullshit


What do you think?

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