The Stanley Cup

Moments after they win the National Hockey League championship, the delirious members of the victorious team invariably pass the Stanley Cup around the ice and essentially make out with the silver trophy.
It’s pretty gross.

After all, don’t these guys know that during its 116-year history, liters of backwash have sloshed around the Cup as countless players and fans chugged champagne out of this glorified keg? Don’t they know that at least one dog — and a Kentucky Derby-winning thoroughbred — have slurped chow from the Cup? And that both infants and inebriated adults have literally treated the Stanley Cup as a toilet bowl?

A man named Walt Neubrand, who is one of the three people in charge of chaperoning the Cup through its many misadventures, put it best. “I laugh at the people who kiss it,” Neubrand once said. “I mean, would you kiss a subway pole? Hey, if you get hepatitis, don’t blame me.”

The Stanley Cup


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