I made this – Bacon Egg Cups

As I look around for healthier foods and ways to eat, I came across the recipe for Bacon Egg Cups from the wonderfully named web site, “Fat Girl trapped in a Skinny Girl’s Body”. I am not a cook so I like stuff that looks simple and easy to make. I made an attempt this AM to make this for myself and my roommate.

First thing I learned – when the bacon is cooking in the pan and a piece of it flops over, DO NOT REACH IN TO FLIP IT OVER. Apparently, cooking bacon is hot. Who knew!?

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I had forgotten how wonderful the smells of breakfast are. Bacon, coffee, eggs….all bring back memories of being on my dad’s farm and my mom making breakfast for us every morning.

So they came out….just OK…as an aside, I hate food photographers. Their pics are never like what comes out of your pan. Here’s what I ended up with:

Not bad looking but not even close to the picture from the pros.

The flavor was kind of blah. I added a little hot sauce and Swiss Cheese to try and jazz it up a bit. The bacon didn’t cook up crisp either, even though I pre-cooked it a little. I’d recommend almost fully cooking it to make it firmer.

But it wasn’t a horrible first attempt. I’ll definitely give it another shot.


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