Tweetbot for iOS

My friend Lesley finally got fed up with the Sponsored Tweets she was seeing in the official Twitter app for iOS so she asked what I used.

I told her I’ve used a lot of them but have finally settled on Tapbots’ Tweetbot:

Tweetbot 3 for Twitter (iPhone & iPod touch) (affiliate link)

Tweetbot for Twitter (iPad edition) (affiliate link)

My friend John Moltz wrote an article for The Sweet Setup – “The best Twitter app for iOS – Tweetbot” that agreed with me.

For those who are curious, I use YoruFukurou on the Mac.

Americans Try Canadian Snacks For First Time

Americans Try Canadian Snacks For First Time

I love their reaction to Naniamo bars (SO GOOD!) and poutine but I’ll admit to having no clue what “All Dressed Chips” are. And I’m dissapointed they didn’t get to try Ketchup Chips.

Yes…I said, Ketchup Chips. Potato chips…that are ketchup flavoured…

For those of you who are interested, here are “17 Unique & Delicious Items of Canadian Junk Food“.

“Burt’s Buzz” for 99 Cents!

“Burt’s Buzz” for 99 Cents! (affiliate link)
Like most guys, I hate women’s lip balm products. But, I would get chapped lips all the time. Then I discovered this “Burt’s Bees” product and loved it. I’ve always got a little tube of it with me.

I never gave any thought to the name until I saw a trailer for “Burt’s Buzz” last year and realized that Burt was a real person. Even better, he seems odd, eccentric, real and funny. I’ll be watching this movie tonight.

Gazelle Refer a Friend Program

I’m a big fan of Gazelle so I have no problem pimping this deal. It’s even better that *I* get $15 if you sell something and *you* get an extra $10. Win/Win! :)

Gazelle Refer a Friend Program:

Until August 22nd, refer your friends and family and Get $15 from Gazelle for every friend who sells a gadget.

Your friends will get an additional $10 on their first trade-in.

The Ride of Your Life

The Ride of Your Life:

A ride on the Ducati Two Seater is an experience like no other. It is a MotoGP riders’ eye-view on a Ducati Desmosedici Two Seater bike.

The bikes are piloted by Riders for Health’s co-founder, Randy Mamola, and Ducati test rider, Franco Battaini – two of the most experienced and talented riders in the world.

How much (scary) fun would this be!? I don’t think I could ever do it – I probably weigh way too much for Mamola to pull wheelies with for fear of flipping the bike over backwards!

The ride is in support of a great charity – Riders for Health – that manages motorcycles, ambulances and other four-wheel vehicles used in the delivery of health care in seven countries across Africa.

The 50 most disappointing summer blockbusters

The 50 most disappointing summer blockbusters:

for every movie that makes a billion dollars and spawns a legion of sequels and kids toys there are dozens more which just end up disappointing everybody and spawning legions of sobbing fanboys.

I’ve seen all of these movies and it’s depressing to think of how many hours in dark theatres I wasted watching this crap.

Anyone else tired of The Mac Web writing shit like this?

In a story posted this morning, “Next iPad Air subtly redesigned if new images are to be believed”, iMore hedges its bets so much as to make the “news” utterly useless.

“…images up top purport to show…”

“If indeed this does belong…”

“…we could be looking at…”

“…we don’t know for sure whether this case is legit…”

“…take it with a healthy dose of skepticism.”

“Not a great deal is known…”

“…this could, maybe, possibly be the real deal…”

“Or it might not.”

That’s only three paragraphs. Now, keep in mind, this is not in the “Opinion” section of iMore or in “Rumors” or in “Shit we pulled out of our asses” section. This is listed in their “News” section.

Stop it, Mac News Web. Just stop. You make yourself, and by extension, the whole community look ridiculous with your endless “Zaprudering” of every minute piece of information – real, fake or imagined – you can dredge up. Stop wasting your and our time with stories like this and look for real, concrete information. Now that would be news…