World’s Largest Flying Water Insect

OK…first of all…LOOK AT THAT THING!

Secondly, how stupid is Mashable? The text of the article says:

The insects’ venomous stings cause victims’ bodies to swell and can lead to kidney failure and even death.

But, if you watch the video, at the 40 second mark they say:

A female’s bit will reportedly hurt a whole lot more than a male’s but it’s not believed to cause any significant health effects…

I’m sorry but I consider “swelling, kidney failure and even death” to be fairly significant…

Regardless, it gives me another reason to not want to go to China, Vietnam or India.

World’s Largest Flying Water Insect.

Velasquez Family Coffee

coffeeVelasquez Family Coffee:

Velasquez Family Coffee was started by Guillermo and Cathy Velasquez to sell the high quality coffee grown by our family and friends in the mountains of Honduras. This ensures them a livable income and supports their effort to protect and enhance the precious cloud forest ecosystem where they farm.

Sometimes it seems there are as many different kinds of coffee as there are beans on a….tree….bush…well…whatever coffee grows on…

A YML listener, Tom R, was kind enough to send me a couple of bags of his family’s favourite coffee – Velasquez Family Coffee.

While coffee can be a very personal thing – especially among coffee snobs – it can still be a pain finding just the right beans coupled with just the right grind, just the right brewing method, just the right machine, etc, etc.

So when Tom told me he was sending me a couple of pounds of Velasquez Family Coffee’s “Maximo’s French Roast”, I wasn’t holding out much hope it would be something I would like.

I was wrong.

I can always tell when a coffee type/brand/bean/grind is good and/or I’ve brewed it properly when I can drink it black. I’ve always put cream in my coffee (no sugar though). The only time I’ve ever had black coffee on a daily basis was when I was in Italy having their delicious espressos.

While I don’t drink every cup of Velasquez Family Coffee black, I’ve had a few cups black (I’m having one now!) and it is just as yummy as the same coffee with cream in it.

It’s a shame it costs so much to ship to Canada or this would become my new favourite coffee.

Thanks Tom!

This is How You Make Selfie Toast

This is How You Make Selfie Toast:

If you want selfie toast, it’ll cost you $75 for the first toaster. Toast with your face on it for everyone!

If you are this vain, please just kill yourself. If you ever served this to me, don’t worry, I’ll choke you out with my bare hands. Surely you can find other, better ways to piss away $75, couldn’t you?

The Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook

The Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook:

Rather than counting on news outlets to get it right, we’re looking at the other end. Below are some tips for how, in the wake of a big, tragic story, you can sort good information from bad.

New junkies like me already know many of these tips but for the rest of you, take these to heart when it comes to “Breaking News!” – or, for that matter, *most* news stories.

Foxhole Photos a Hoax, Many Sites Duly Embarrassed

Can you spot where The Stupid starts?


Last week, we and many others ran the story of a rather astounding collection of photographs that were supposedly discovered in a foxhole where the infamous Battle of the Bulge took place.

Allegedly found by U.S. Navy Captain Mark Anderson and accompanying historian Jean Muller, the story goes that the duo found then scanned the images in an old camera, presenting them to the world seventy years after they were captured and left behind by a soldier who had been KIA. But that, it seems, is not the truth.

A few days after posting the article, our Editor-in-Chief began receiving emails from concerned readers notifying us that the story was fabricated and that they had seen these photos before. Unable to confirm anything at the time, we kept our eye on it, reaching out to a number of people in regards to the situation.


If they had simply waited to confirm the story before they originally posted it, maybe they wouldn’t be “crushed and embarrassed” that they were pulled into the hoax.

The idiocy of this story is their own line of “Unable to confirm anything at the time, we kept our eye on it…” But not until after they had already published it. They “kept their eye on it” only after their own readers told Petapixel about it. It’s not like Petapixel is a “breaking news” site or that this was news that absolutely had to be posted immediately and therefore may be cut (a little) slack on a “fluid” situation/story.

Their embarrassment is completely deserved and we should have zero sympathy for them. In their rush to post, they broke a Cardinal Rule of journalism: “Get it right first”.

Boobs, Big Data, and My Pursuit of the Perfect Bra

The Daily Dot:

According to Michelle Lam, 81% of women are wearing the wrong cup size.

As CEO of True&Co, a lingerie company that has been referred to as “Netflix for your boobs” and uses algorithms to determine which bra is the best fit for every woman, Lam knows what she’s talking about when it comes to women’s bodies. Over the past two years, True&Co has been assembling “boob data” from more than 500,000 women, using a personalized quiz that goes beyond asking women about their cup sizes.

Ladies, take the quiz. You will never think so much about your boobs in your life.

Another reason why I’ve never been so happy to have a penis. As much as I like boobs, the hassle women have to go throw to protect them, cover them and show them off is amazing.

Sin City 2 Poster Shot Down for “Excessive” Nudity



How can a poster for a movie called Sin City offer up a poster that’s too risqué? The word “Sin” is in the title! You better bring some edgy material, or fans won’t care. And yet, the MPAA rejected the above one-sheet showing Eva Green and her chest “for nudity.” Imagine that.

The NY Post picked up on the story, reporting that the “curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown” was more than enough to ensure that this Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster doesn’t make it to your local multiplex.

How utterly idiotic is this? The MPAA had no problem with the gun but they got the knickers in a twist over “the curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola”. I’m sorry but I’m a much bigger fan of boobs than guns.

It’s not just ridiculously prudish it’s insanely hypocritical. Read the story and look at the poster for the movie, Saw II. So “boobs = bad” but “severed fingers = good”? WTF?

Visa Paywave and Asshole Dad

This ad is on seemingly every commercial break during the NHL playoffs here in Canada and it really pisses me off. Can you spot why?

Twenty seconds in. Morgan Freeman’s voice over:

“You use Visa Paywave Gerald to get to what matters faster.”

OK. But then “dad’s” voice is heard:

“There when it really matters. That’s where I want to be.”


The video shows dad getting to the hockey game just in time to see his kid score a goal. Great! Glad he didn’t miss a big moment in his kid’s life. Except….

He missed everything that led up to the goal. The commercial seems to say “Gerald” does this all the time. Gerald is a jerk who only shows up just when it’s necessary.

So he’s missed everything else about his kid’s game/sport/life/etc. As someone who spent much of his childhood sporting life scanning the stands for parents who were never there, Gerald should be there for the whole game, not just the “convenient” parts.

Stop forcing people to wear bike helmets

Bicyclists Riding Without Helmets

Stop forcing people to wear bike helmets.

For most bikers, this advice is anathema. The importance of wearing a helmet has been drilled into everyone since childhood. And, it’s true that, as study after study has shown, you’re better off with a helmet if you’re in an accident.

But in the world’s most popular biking cities, particularly in Europe, very few bikers wear helmets. And there are good reasons for that: biking, it turns out, isn’t an especially dangerous form of transportation in terms of head trauma.

I don’t think even motorcycle helmets should be mandatory. But if you are so colossally stupid that you choose not to protect your brain, you should have to sign a waiver that allows us to harvest your organs if you get into an accident – whether you’re still using them or not.